T n' A

The T&A movies of the "70’s" and very early "80’s" were pretty good. They’d be about ribald french people or whatever, and didn’t take themselves too seriously. Then the soft porn got really crappy for some time. Sure you’d get your sex scenes, maybe a shower scene, or a stripping scene, but the film makers would feel obliged to have the nude scenes work into a narative whole - sorta anyway. However, to do this, they would frame the nude scenes inside some crappy noir-type thing. The movies would be ugly messes dealing with themes like revenge, or murder, or love triangles, or blackmail, or illicit psychiatrist/patient affairs. Women in these movies often have ulterior motives for seducting the male characters and the coresponding sex feels sordid. Also, the viewer has to sit through loooong stretches of Eric Roberts giving menacing looks, or Tanya Roberts offering psychoanalisis of an obsessed patient. Who wants that?

Thankfully there has been a sea-change of sorts in the Skinamax late night fare, reflected in winners like Femailien and Pleasurecraft. Now the movies revolve around plots of sexy aliens trying to find out what our word "Please-sure" means. The result is absolutely gratuitous and plentiful nudity. The sex is fun, and the storyline, such as it is, panders to the most laugable of our fifth grade fantasies1. But the mo’ gratuitous the mo’ better. When Jacqualine Lovell gets naked for absolutely no reason, it’s the film makers underlining the fact that what you are dealing with is a skin flick. Its their way of saying, "enjoy." The vehical serves the scenes, not the other way around, because you’re home, its 1:00 am, and you’re not robbing yourself of sleep for the opportunity to watch Eric Roberts act.

1"Fifth-grade fantasies" is a bt of a misnomer, because while we may add less laughable fantasies to our repertoire, the Island of sex-starved girls and sexy alien abductresses may go dorment, but never really go away.)